About Us

Jiangsu Tianqi Mineral Wool Co., Ltd (Changzhou Tianqi Mineral Wool Sales Co., Ltd). was established in June 2011 and covers an area of 27,500 square meters. It is located in Hengshanqiao exit of Shanghai-Jiangsu highway with convenient transport. Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of high-quality rock-wool products and it has the most advanced rock-wool production line. The Annual production capacity reaches 25,000 tons of rock-wool board.

Rock-wool products take natural rocks such as basalt and dolomite as raw materials. We can supply external thermal insulation rock-wool board, high-strength rock-wool roof board, rock-wool sandwich panel and rock-wool blanket. It is equipped with complete inspection and test equipment.

We not only have complete and scientific quality management system, but also have a professional and dedicated service team.



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